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Redundancy: an unwanted but not unwelcome challenge

August 30, 2013

What do you do when you are made redundant after 35 years continuous permanent full-time employment?

That is the question I have been facing up to since learning just over a month ago that Incisive Media no longer required my services as Group Editorial Services Director as it pursues a programme of decentralisation, sweeping away several group-wide roles.  Understanding the painful logic of the position Incisive finds itself in is one thing but realising that it directly and abruptly affects you is quite another.

So, what do you do? Sulk? Get angry? Feel sorry for yourself? Look for people to blame?

Most of those things are far too negative and look like a waste of energy to me. I am pretty sure I know who and what to blame but that is a story for another day.

My response to this unexpected and daunting challenge? Take a deep breath, consider carefully what I am good at and will make me get out of bed every day and then ask myself the difficult question: will people want what I have got to offer?

With the encouragement of Incisive Media quickly offering me the opportunity to return from next week as an independent trainer and several offers from various publications to write for them I decided that it was definitely worth making a serious attempt to set myself up as a freelance journalist, trainer, presenter and consultant. From Monday that is what I will launch myself as through the company I have set up – Worsfold Media Services.

Creating a website for the company has been a great first step, partially because it was something constructive and forward-looking to do from day one but mainly because it has made me refine my thoughts on what I can do for people and companies. On more than one occasion I wrote a page for the website one day and re-visited it the next day only to think no-one, just no-one would want to buy that lot.

Fortunately, a lot of people have been very encouraging and supportive and I already have a long list of people to see and pitch ideas to over the next month or so. The blank pages in the diary after October look abit scary at the moment but people tell me not to worry too much about those. I hope they are right

On Monday, I will ‘launch’ Worsfold Media Services via social media (how else) and an associated email campaign so watch this space.

As for this new blog, I will use it to cover a wide variety of topics, including some of the political issues affecting the financial services sector that I used to cover in my Parliamentary Connections blog. I look forward to engaging with many of you on this blog and on your own.

Redundancy may have been an unwanted challenge but, so far, it doesn’t feel unwelcome: quite the contrary. Here’s to the future.

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