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Brentwood Cathedral looks to the future.

October 14, 2013

I was recently asked to write an article on Brentwood Cathedral and its parish community for Oremus, a very good quality magazine produced by Westminster Cathedral. This is part of a series it launched earlier this year on sister cathedrals.

It proved quite an interesting moment to review what has been happening at Brentwood Cathedral as it awaits the appointment of a new bishop, now expected before Christmas. It has been a long time coming as the current incumbent, Thomas McMahon, announced his retirement in June 2011 on his 75th birthday. A combination of his willingness to stay in post, the very long list of new bishops needing to be appointed in England, Wales and Scotland plus the minor hiccup of the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict (all Roman Catholic bishops are appointed by the Vatican) have conspired to delay the appointment of a new Bishop of Brentwood.

You can download a pdf of the article here.Pages from October 2013 – No 185 Oremus

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