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Clegg: the man who destroyed a party

May 8, 2015

There will be time to reflect on the election result and, in particular, write Nick Clegg’s political obituary over the next few days but let no-one spare him.

He is a decent, personable guy with some genuinely Liberal instincts but as a leader he has been a catastrophic failure. Full stop. He took over a party with over 60 MPs and has almost destroyed it.

The reasons are many but at the core lies way he has led the party away from the direction it has marched for 50 years since Jo Grimond pointed it towards the sound of political gunfire and a mission to replace Labour on the left of British politics. Clegg’s part in promoting the Orange Book betrayal of the party’s radical values has now borne very bitter fruit.

You can add to that the shorter-term considerations such as the tuition fees fiasco and his own failure as the minister in charge of constitutional reform where he promised much and delivered nothing.

People will try to be kind and find something generous to say over the next few days but he will be judged by history as one of the greatest political failures – deservedly so.

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