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I’ve written a book. Now I’ve got to sell it

September 28, 2016

You might think being an author is a big enough challenge in itself what with all that research and writing but that is only part of what is required of a writer in 2016.

Once you have written your book, found a publisher, checked proofs and signed everything off another whole new world of challenges opens up: marketing, promoting and selling your book. That is just where I am right now.

I started seriously researching Fighting for the Empire at the beginning of 2013 and got down to the hard work of writing early last year. With the writing progressing well I felt it was time to find a publisher so headed for the London Book Fair in April 2015 and found an excellent publisher in Sabrestorm. Yesterday the book was officially published and tonight we are holding a launch party. All very good but that is the starting pistol for a multi-faceted promotional campaign which requires the author to turn into a salesman.

What does that consist of? Almost anything that will help you connect with your audience, quite a challenge in my case as the Kelly story is so wide-ranging it touches many different interests and potential audiences as the publisher’s publicity vividly explains.

Social media is obviously a great tool and both the publisher and myself have been making plenty of noise there over the last few weeks and will continue to do so.

Writing about the book, the research, the context and the subjects it covers is another way and that has already kicked off with blogs on various sites such as Goodreads.

Having an author video is nowadays considered essential so I have filmed one myself and have another professionally filmed interview following soon.

Being prepared to go and talk to groups – reading circles, special interest groups, community bodies – is also an essential part of the promotional mix. Talking about something you have been immersed in for over three years is no problem at all and I have devised a wide range of talks covering every possible angle. If you want to hear more just ask. Book talks (pdf).

Of course, one of the best promotional tools is reviews and nowadays we can all review the books we read in various places so if you are kind enough to buy Fighting for the Empire and like it, please take a few minutes to rate it on Amazon, Goodreads etc and add a line or two about it.

Fighting for the Empire is available direct from the distributor Casemate, Amazon. It is also available through all bookshops.

Fighting for the Empire by David Worsfold. Sabrestorm Publishing. ISBN : 9781781220061

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