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Does Johnson actually believe his own deluded rhetoric?

October 6, 2021

If he does, then we should all be worried.

Boris Johnson has blustered his way through the Conservative Party conference, dismissing concerns about the broken fuel supply chain, chronic job shortages in a range of key sectors and the spectre of inflation as he trumpets some hastily concocted nonsense about it all being part of a grand plan to end “decades of drift and dither”.

Does he really expect people to believe such nonsense? Where was this grand plan to reset our economy during the Brexit referendum? So much of what is happening now looks more like the Project Fear Johnson, Gove and Farage were so fond of characterising the pro-EU lobby’s warnings as in 2016.

Perhaps it was part of the “oven ready Brexit” that swept him into office? Except he forgot to tell anyone.

His attempt to take ownership of the crises that seem to be ripping through our economy from every direction by claiming it is part of some long envisaged plan and that this is just a transitional phase is simply delusional nonsense. There is no plan. According to Johnson this transitional phase is proving so challenging because every business in the country wasn’t ready for it. Maybe that is because, before this week, the strategy did not exist.

“Drift and dither” is an apt description of Johnson’s time in office. There is no leadership. There is no sense of being in control of events. There is no competence at any level of this government.

The Tories in Manchester will lap it up. We have to hope that the rest of the country sees through this latest rhetorical smokescreen and realise that unless Johnson is consigned to the history books soon the damage this government is doing will take decades to repair.

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