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David Worsfold has worked in publishing for his entire career, building brands from the bottom up, revitalising established brands, creating efficient, focused publishing teams and developing production and design services for the digital age.

So, whether you need help re-positioning a brand, building an editorial team, creating viable brand extensions or meeting the challenges of multi-media publishing, David will be able to help you.

The need to build slick, cost-effective multi-disciplinary teams has never been more important. As Incisive Media expanded rapidly in the 2000s, David was at the forefront of integrating and building highly efficient editorial, production and design teams serving a broad portfolio of brands. He then took these teams forward to meeting the huge challenges of digital publishing, including creating and incorporating multi-media content.

As a journalist, David knows what good communication looks like and can advise companies, trade associations and charities on their communication strategies and delivery.


What others say about David Worsfold

“As a result of Incisive Media acquiring ALM, I had the pleasure of working with David to identify and implement performance and business improvement strategies between two trans-Atlantic production operations. David’s depth of knowledge was and is impressive. He knows his business, his people and how to get the most out of both. He is a creative, strategic thinker who gets things done. He embraces technology and is a skilled leader of change. He is admired by his staff, his peers, and his senior managers. I am looking forward to joining forces with him again in the future.” – John Mason, Publisher, TRAVELHOST, Philadelphia, USA

“David was a linchpin of Incisive Media, leading a quite varied collection of people, teams and brands through some of the most radical changes to the editorial and production status quo in a generation. His knowledge of the publishing industry generally and legal aspects of publishing is unsurpassed and his general and political knowledge is vast. A highly adaptable individual able who reinvented himself several times as the business needs changed, I sincerely hope we find ways to work together again in the future.” – Marc Hartog, Founder & CEO, Apptitude Media

“David is one of the truly knowledgable digital editorial consultants. He has always been someone I can turn to as a person with an opinion on the future of publishing in the mobile digital and print world”. – Riva Elliott, former Managing Director, PMA Media Training

Contact David Worsfold: or 07885 348982 or 01277 221445

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