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Presenting and public speaking

With many years experience of public speaking and presenting in a wide variety of situations, David Worsfold is ideally placed to take people on that difficult journey from behind their desks to being confident on their feet in front of an audience. The courses can be tailored to individual requirements and the specific presentational challenges you or your colleagues face, whether that be to a small group of top executives, a business seminar or a major conference, awards ceremony or public event.

These skills have been thrown into a sharper focus during the coronavirus pandemic as we have all had to adapt them to the virtual world.

The one thing you won’t get on these courses is standard advice designed to turn participants into one of those worthy but dull clones you see too often at business conferences. These courses build on people’s strengths and help them put real personality into their presentations.

David in action at an awards ceremony

They are available for small groups or as one-to-one intensive sessions backed up with extended mentoring as required.

For one-to-one coaching I can also offer help with scriptwriting or a complete scriptwriting service. I have written scripts for business leaders looking to make an impact at major events and for many celebrities presenting awards ceremonies.

All participants in my courses will receive a copy of my 150-page book on public speaking From Behind the Desk to the Front of the Stage, published in November 2018 by Business Expert Press.

Preparing and delivering presentations and speeches

Aimed at: Anyone who has to undertake public speaking as part of his or her job

Core course outline

• You want to succeed – so does your audience!
• Preparation
• Rehearsing
• Content v style: Style – getting the basics right

• Using the voice
Content – keep it simple and directScripts, cue cards and Powerpoint
• How to improve

Participants will be asked to prepare short presentations in advance which they will deliver during the course

Optional modules : These can be used to expand or supplement the course. The basic course is usually a one day course but if there is a requirement to cover most of these topics in depth then it  would can be expanded to two days

• Voice coaching
• Making the most of Powerpoint and other presentational tools
• Q&A sessions at conferences
• Speaking at dinners
• Business presentations
In the boardroom
Presenting awards, certificates and trophies


NEW!! • Zooming in on perfection

The Covid-19 pandemic forced millions to work from home and to get to grips with video conferencing. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Do you need help with presenting yourself and your content in virtual meetings and events? The bar is being raised all the time so make sure you do not get left behind and learn how to Zoom in on perfection.

We have all grown used to seeing people’s ceilings, shouting at them “You’re on Mute”, admiring bookcases and straining to hear people with poor sound. Let’s do better.

• Which platform? Mastering the different platforms
• Microphones and sound
• Set-up and lighting 
• What do I wear? Where do I sit (in relation to the camera)?
• Using virtual backgrounds
• Using chat functions and polls
• Sharing content, making it interactive
• Managing multiple participants and online events

This training can be delivered one-to-one or in groups. It can be run as a short structured course or as a trouble-shooting review of current content and presentations.


Chairing Conferences and Facilitating Roundtables

Aimed at: Anyone who has to chair conference sessions or roundtables. Full of practical advice and insights into how to get the best out of a group of participants – event the really difficult ones!

Course outline

• What is a chair for?
• Preparation
• Round Tables and seminars
• Conferences
• Q & A sessions
• Debates
• Using interactive technology

• Social media at live events

Includes mock panel sessions and debates that will be analysed and assessed


Contact David Worsfold: or 07885 348982 or 01277 221445

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