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Social Media – for journalists and for businesses

Social media can be a fantastic tool for building your brand, distributing content, engaging with markets and audiences but it can be a minefield. David Worsfold is a hugely successful social media user with a real, practical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the different platforms, the challenges they pose and the potential benefits they can bring to journalists, publishers, businesses and charities.

The courses can be as broad – embracing the principles and vast array of social media – or as specific – focusing on just one platform – as you require.

Here are just three examples of how courses can be structured and what they might cover:

Social Media for Journalists

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your audiences especially at events. Live Tweeting and blogging opens up exciting new opportunities for creating engaging news content

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your audiences especially at events. Live Tweeting and blogging opens up exciting new opportunities for creating engaging news content @DavidWorsfold

Aimed at: Specially tailored for journalists and editorial teams who want to use social media to promote their content, engage with their audiences and find stories. One day course packed with practical examples of successful use of social media.

This can also include in-depth analysis of the most appropriate social media platforms for different markets, audiences and media.

Too many business-to-business titles are losing out on reader engagement because they haven’t paid enough attention to social media. This course will open up a world of new opportunities.

Find out more about live tweeting in action

Course outline

• Why social media?
• Which social media networks are right for you?
• What are your aims?
• How do you start?
• Building new audiences and extending the reach of your brand and its content
• Developing engagement: how that can build quality user generated content
• Finding the news
• Using social media at events and for covering major news stories
• Integrating social media content into your website
• Live blogging (Also run as a stand-alone half day workshop with practical examples)
Managing social media
Handling the risks


Social Media for Business

 Aimed at: Any business, organisation or charity trying to get to grips with social media, the opportunities it presents and the risks it entails. One day course

Course outline

• Who are your customers?
• Where do you start?
• Identifying the right networks for your business

• What can social media achieve?
• Framing your objectives
• Building audiences for your products and services
• Building engagement and joining the conversation
Talking to your customers
• Generating leads and new business
• Measuring the benefits
• Managing social media: people and policies
Handling the risks


Social Media for Regulated Financial Services Businesses

Successful businesses need a social media strategy. It is no longer optional as a generation of customers brought up in the digital age start to make their presence felt in the market. For many firms it is a step into the unknown with the added complication in the financial services sector of having a regulator peering over their shoulders.
This course will give you a comprehensive introduction to the world of social media, help you develop the right strategy for your business and equip you to put in place the tools and policies to deliver it with confidence and real impact.

It covers all the topics in the general Social Media for Business course but with a special emphasis on the added challenges that regulated financial services firms face. It will look at the Financial Conduct Authority’s rulebook and latest advice on digital communication and social media. The FCA has made it clear that regulated firms have nothing to fear if they use social media appropriately. This course can give you and your staff the confidence to make social media work for your firm within the rules. It can be a one day course or broken down into more focused half-day workshops.

David has also written a comprehensive guide to Twitter for Financial Services.

Contact David Worsfold: or 07885 348982 or 01277 221445

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