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Johnson launches Department of Empty Slogans

February 9, 2022

First it was the Department for Levelling-Up. Now we have the Department for Brexit Opportunities. Or, is it the Department for Government Efficiency?

Jacob Rees-Mogg barely knows which century he lives in and now he is expected to juggle two new government departments with fatuous, empty slogans as their names. It sums up so much that is wrong with this government and why Johnson is totally ill-equipped to be Prime Minister.

Johnson lives in a world of superficiality where slogans and throwaway remarks seem to him to be the answer to everything. He has no depth. This government has no depth. 

Governing a country requires substance, hard yards of solid administrative grind and a serious sense of purpose. Slapping stupid slogans on the names of government departments – two of which do not even exist yet as far as I can see – it the exact opposite of good government, regardless of the politics that lies behind it. It exposes the critical fault lines in Johnson’s character that make him spectacularly ill-suited to be Prime Minister and shows he has no grasp of what he needs to do to pull himself clear of the chaotic, dysfunctional mess he has created.

This is a time for serious government, applying itself to the huge challenges facing the country. Instead, we get a panicky reshuffle and the Ministry of Silly Walks. There is only one walk Johnson should take – and that is straight out the door of 10 Downing Street, never to return.

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