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In addition to thousands of articles and blog posts, David Worsfold has written and edited a variety of other books and publications.

Operational Aerial: Churchill’s Second Miracle of Deliverance


Sabrestorm (2022)
Hardback, 270pp
ISBN 978 1781220221
RRP: £20.00

For the first time, the full story of how 250,000 desperate souls were lifted from the ports around the Brittany and Atlantic coasts of France after Dunkirk in June 1940 is told in one book.

There are many dramatic stories, including the sinking of the Lancastria at St Nazaire – Britain’s largest maritime loss of life – the surrender of the Highland Division at St Valery and the spiriting out of the world’s supply of heavy water from under the noses of the Nazis by an eccentric British aristocrat.

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Fighting for the Empire – An Irish Doctor’s Adventures Through Imperial Campaigns and Two World Wars

Layout 1Sabrestorm (2016)
The story of a remarkable Irishman who served the British Empire for almost fifty years. His extraordinary military career took in countless conflicts, two World Wars, acts of heroism and encounters with royalty. Containing many of Kelly’s personal photographs, this is a fascinating look at individual bravery in the context of the closing years of the British Empire.
His adventures took him to the notorious North West Frontier in India, Tibet, the desert war in WW1 and saw him serve as a ship’s surgeon on Atlantic Convoys in WW2 when he was in his 70s.

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From Behind the Desk to The Front of the Stage

Business Expert Press (2018)

ISBN 9781631579097

Worsfold_9781631579097_Cover.inddFrom Behind the Desk to the Front of the Stage discusses all aspects of public speaking with particular emphasis on the skills people need to be successful in their business careers. It covers a wide range of different presentation challenges, including making an impact in the boardroom, conference speaking, using multi-media, and bringing complex subjects to life. There are many practical hints, tips, and exercises to help people improve their presentation style, as well as detailed advice on how to create and structure content to make maximum impact.
This book has a business focus and is aimed at people who need to be good on their feet in order to progress in their careers. It also covers other challenging events such as awards ceremonies, formal, and informal social occasions. Its USPs are that it takes people on their journey from behind their desk to the front of the stage in a sympathetic and insightful way, helping them to build on their strengths and gain confidence as they go along.

Available as a paperback or Kindle edition from Business Expert Press and Amazon

Twitter for Financial Services

beplogo copyBusiness Expert Press (2017)

ISBN 9781631578311

This guide will give you a comprehensive introduction to Twitter, help you develop the right strategy for your business, and equip you to put in place the tools and policies to deliver it with confidence and real impact. It guides the reader through establishing Twitter as a key tool in a social media strategy, how to use it, how to build genuine engagement, and how to deploy it effectively in the highly regulated world of financial services. This guide is practical, explains social media jargon and conventions, and offers a guide through the complexities, pitfalls, and challenges of using Twitter in the financial services sector.

Available from Business Expert Press

Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

Twitter Guide coverIncisive Media (2010)
A guide on how businesses can get started on Twitter with case studies from the financial services sector. Co-authored with the late Ron Jones

Download the guide Twitter_Guide

Preparing and Delivering Business Presentations and Speeches

Worsfold Media Services (3rd edition, 2015)
The third edition of a practical guide to the basics of effective public speaking in a business environment. 32pp. Available as a pdf.

Introduction to Media Law for Journalists

Incisive Media (3rd edition, November 2011)
A 36 page guide to the key areas of law that journalists need to understand co-authored with media law specialist Adrain Rubenstein, including:
1. Libel, 2. Libel and the Internet, 3. Malicious Falsehood, 4. Court Reporting and Contempt of Court, 5. Privacy and Confidence, 6. Freedom of Information and Official Secrets, 7. Copyright, 8. Race Relations and Religious Hatred, 9. Data Protection, 10. Press Complaints Commission Code.

The Insurance Directory

Timothy Benn Publishing (editor, various editions 1986 to 1994)
The definitive guide to to UK insurance industry


Concert programme notes

Notes on composers and works for concerts. In particular, choral music and the music of Elgar, Britten, Vaughan Williams and other English composers. His programme notes for Handel’s Messiah have been used extensively by choirs in Essex and east London – Handel’s Messiah: introduction and analysis.


Contact David Worsfold: or 07885 348982 or 01277 221445.

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