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About David

I have 40 years experience as a journalist and presenter, mainly covering the insurance industry, financial services and politics but also covering a wide range of other subjects. In addition, I have a broad experience of editorial management in large and small publishing companies, launching and re-launching publications, brand development through the launch of conferences, awards and websites and of overseeing production and design services.
I have extensive experience of re-aligning content creation and delivery for the modern, multi-platform, mobile world, including a wide knowledge and understanding of the role social media plays in modern media.
I  was also responsible for developing video and audio content at Incisive Media through two top quality in-house studios and have frequently appeared on radio and television.
Alongside this I have developed a wide range of highly effective training courses that not only build knowledge and skills but inspire the participants to use them.

Subjects and services include

• Insurance industry
• Financial services
• Politics and financial services sector
• Financial regulation
• The City of London
• Social media for businesses
• Chairing conferences
• Hosting awards ceremonies
• Training in speaking and presentation skills
• Training in a wide range of editorial skills and use of social media

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What others say about David Worsfold
“David is a first class and experienced operator, David has a wealth of journalistic experience that he is able to pass on through really effective training. He has also witnessed and experienced first hand the dramatic evolution of the news and content business away from traditional print distribution to digital and mobile. I know a lot of Journalist careers at Incisive Media have been positively shaped by him”. – Tim Weller, former CEO, Incisive Media

“David is a top class editor, journalist and conference speaker. He’s extremely well connected in the insurance industry and has a detailed grasp of all the issues and challenges. He’s utterly trustworthy and can be relied upon to deliver excellent results on time and on budget. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”. – Peter Elliott, Head of Client Marketing, Legal & General

Contact David Worsfold: or 07885 348982 or 01277 221445
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