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Video, Zoom & Podcast training

Broadcast skills and media management

David Worsfold has appeared on radio and television around the world – even being dubbed into Mandarin on one occasion – and has trained journalists and clients in how to make the most of these vitally important communication channels. Today’s journalists need to be equipped to work across multiple platforms, including producing video on the go and engaging podcasts. Everyone now needs to understand how to present themselves effectively onscreen. For many, these are daunting challenges – they needn’t be.

NEW!! • Zooming in on perfection

The Covid-19 pandemic forced millions to work from home and to get to grips with video conferencing. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Do you need help with presenting yourself and your content in virtual meetings and events? The bar is being raised all the time so make sure you do not get left behind and learn how to Zoom in on perfection.

We have all grown used to seeing people’s ceilings, shouting at them “You’re on Mute”, admiring bookcases and straining to hear people with poor sound. Let’s do better.

  • Which platform? Mastering the different platforms
  • Microphones and sound
  • Set-up and lighting 
  • What do I wear? Where do I sit (in relation to the camera)?
  • Using virtual backgrounds
  • Using chat functions and polls
  • Sharing content, making it interactive
  • Managing multiple participants and online events

This training can be delivered one-to-one or in groups. It can be run as a short structured course or as a trouble-shooting review of current content and presentations.


The basics of video filming for journalists 

Some of the topics that can be covered on a typical introductory course.


  • Camera and tripod or smartphone?
  • Microphones and sound
  • Selecting the right location – you need something useable out of it!
  • Dealing with the distractions, being aware of the pitfalls
  • Handling the equipment on site
  • Formats: Talking head, interview options
  • Set-up, background, lighting
  • Playing safe v being creative
  • Establishing and context shots
  • Aiming for the one take video


  • How to make a video that can be turned around quickly
  • Storyboards, cutaways and context
  • Introduction to iMovie
  • Using iMovie templates
  • Simple cutaways, adding soundtracks
  • Editing on-the-go using iMovie App

Broadcasting techniques

Courses can be tailored to meet almost any requirements from complete beginners to those with experience but wanting to make more impact as a presenter or commentator.

Interview J EvansMP

David in the studio with Jonathan Evans MP

• One-to-one interviews
• Panel sessions
• Webinars and virtual events
• Podcasts
• Live broadcasts
• Down-the-line interviews
• On location
• Hostile interviews and how to cope
• What to wear
• Planning effective videos and podcasts
• Sourcing the right expertise
• Creating storyboards

…and many more topics to suit your requirements


Just contact David Worsfold on 01277 221445, 07885 348982 or to discuss your specific requirements.

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