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Three years freelancing and all’s well, even if not quite as I expected

August 26, 2016

Last week I was bombarded with messages from LinkedIn congratulating me on my three years as Worsfold Media Services, which really means three years as a freelance journalist, trainer and editorial consultant.

It has been an interesting three years. I wrote when I launched myself as a freelance and started this blog after leaving Incisive Media: “Redundancy may have been an unwanted challenge but, so far, it doesn’t feel unwelcome: quite the contrary. Here’s to the future”.

People who know me wouldn’t have been surprised at my optimism; but has it been justified?

Largely, yes. I have been almost constantly busy over the last three years, although the mix of work has been slightly different to what I expected. I have done more journalism and writing and less consultancy than I anticipated at the outset and although, let’s be honest, that probably pays less well I am happy with that outcome. My core skill is writing and journalism so it plays to my strengths, makes me explore and research new topics and I get to talk to alot of people. Of course, it is almost always short-term assignments and so doesn’t offer the medium-term security that a decent consultancy contract promises. But you can’t have everything.

One of the other core elements of my portfolio has been training which I also consider to be a key strength. I have run alot of training courses at Incisive Media, not just in London but also in their New York and Hong Kong offices and am about to start their Editorial Training Programme for them for the third time since I left. I have also run many of my courses at other publishers as a quick look down my client list will show.

The third major element has been events, especially awards. Over 20 years experience of devising, launching, producing, judging and developing industry award schemes has proved of huge value. With firms in all sectors keen for the third party endorsement awards represent, there has been a wealth of opportunities to help publishers develop new awards or refresh existing schemes.

There have been slow times of course but they were easy to fill. How? Write a book.

I had been pondering the idea of researching and writing a biography of my wife’s grandfather and made a tentative start on the project at the beginning of 2013. It turned out to be a far better story than I – or anyone in the family – ever imagined. Sufficiently interesting that it caught the eye of an independent publisher and is about to hit the bookshelves as Fighting for the Empire.

To all those LinkedIn messages that asked me how it is going, the answer is “just fine”. Thank you to everyone for their support over the last three years.


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  1. Matt Kennedy permalink

    Well done to you David and more power to your elbow!


  2. James Hanbury permalink

    Well done David – delighted it is going so well and all rewards are richly deserved. Would be good to catch up soon. Best, James.


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